Electricity Unit


Computer: Energizer

Go to the Energizer.com and go to the Learning Centre.  Answer the questions on the worksheet.

SMARTborad:  BrainPop

**Email all quizzes and activities to me!! Faulkner@granderie.ca

Review the movie clip and then complete the ‘quiz’ on electricity and note the ‘FYI’


Also view Current Electricity and complete the ‘activity’, ‘FYI’ and ‘quiz’.


Mp3: Electricity and Batteries

Watch the 3 videos on electricty and batteries.  Take notes and create 3 questions (with answers!) per video.  After you are finished, work with other group members to create a mind map of ideas from these clips.  How do they all relate… you need only create one of these.

Lab: Electrical cell

‘Unplugged’:  Current, Potential Difference and Resistance

Read pages 432-443 in ‘Investigating Science 9’ (chapter 11 if you need to download it).  Do the ‘Learning Checkpoint’ questions (all of them!).  Maybe draw figure 11.19 and 11.21…

Calculations:  Ohm’s Law and Percent Efficiency

You were to complete the 2 page worksheet outlining the relationship between current, voltage and resistance (Ohm’s Law) and the relationship between energy input and output (percent efficiency).

Class Notes:  Series and Parallel Circuits

Note out lined the difference between the two types of current electricity circuits.  The standards for drawing electrical circuits were introduced and you practiced drawing each type of circuit.

Computer:  Gizmo!!

Go to ExploreLearning.com and enroll in our class.  You will need to copy and paste this class code BHD4GYTLZ4. Enter the information required and click on the ‘Build a Circuit’ Gizmo.  You will need to download the worksheet (complete as you go through the gizmo!).  Take the ‘Assessment Questions’ after you have emailed me the worksheet.

Low Tech:  Power Generation

Read through the chapter in ‘Investigating Science’ on Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Resources (Chapter 12).  Fill in the worksheet.

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