Biology Unit

**UNIT TEST – Friday Oct. 22st!!

Here is our work for the unit.  Remember that you will be working on each task at some point during our weekly rotation.  The centers are as follows;

  1. Computers
  2. mp3 player work
  3. SMART board work
  4. Lab work
  5. ‘Unplugged’ Activity

Missed Work? Older Rotation information is available for you!!

The Adolescent Brain

This link will provide you access to information and video clips on your brain and its development.  Feel free to ‘poke around’ and perhaps you will learn something that might benefit you and your school learning ability.

War on Vaccines…

Please watch the documentary below and ponder what would you do?  Would you chose to vaccinate your child or not?  Are the risks to your child too great, the risks to society greater?  Do you believe the doctors or the concerned parents?  Do murcury, formalin and other ‘stablizers’ belong in a medicinal item that I allow to be injected into my child…. all thoughts to consider.

Dissection of Frog

Frog dissection was completed over a two day period.  the lab procedure was provided to all groups.  TheDissection Field Guide (Scrap-Less Scrapbook) was to be completed for all systems (digestive, respiratory, circulatory, urogenital system and the nervous system).

Computer: Pollination and the Flower

– Do the gizmo called ‘Pollination – Flower to Fruit’.  Go to the Gizmo, click on ‘Enroll in Class’ and follow the prompts.  You must enter this class code (cut and paste it) DXRVR7NUJK. Once in the class you will open the gizmo and download this worksheet to direct your learning.  When it is complete, please email to me and then complete the quiz at the bottom of the gizmo.

– Watch the video clip – Frontline – Silence of the Bees – podcast

– Watch the video clip – Colony Collapse Disorder

  • Describe the cause and effect relationship of Colony Collapse Disorder and the food supply. Supply reasons for your ideas about the impact the disappearance of the bees could have.
  • Review the approach Chinese farmers use to pollinate the pear crops.  Is this a practical solution?  Why or why not? Should this method be used in other countries?  Why or why not? Offer solutions.

– Go to PBS Nature and read the article.  Personally reflect on what you used to know about pollination and bees and what you currently understand.  It must be a good paragraph to explain.

15 Responses to Biology Unit

  1. Elliott says:

    Before watching these videos and reading the article, I honestly didn’t know too much about bees. I knew that they stung you, except for the big furry ones. I also knew that they pollinated plants. But my knowledge pretty much stopped there when it came to bees. These videos and article really let me in on a hoard of information about bees and pollination that I knew were out there, but had no incentive to search out and find. I now understand that bees are essential in our agricultural economy. Not only do bees pollinate 1/3 of crop species, which is about 100 flowering food crops, but they are worth around $50 million in the US agricultural economy. These three media devices really opened the door for me into the world of bees.

  2. Taylor says:

    I didn’t really know a lot about pollination and bees before watching these videos. I knew that bees pollinated plants and how they do so, but I didn’t know that they are such a big part of life. I never really thought about what the world would be like without bees and never thought of the harm i was doing to them by eating non-organic food. I now know that without bees, we would pretty much have no fruits or vegetables due to the process of pollination. Also, i learned that due to the use of pesticides the total bee population could be wiped out, leaving us to have no pollinated plants. I hope more people get to watch these videos in order, to understand the harm we are doing and to be aware our future if we all don’t change our standards.

  3. Brooke says:

    I really didn’t know much at all about bees before this and didn’t think much about them either. I knew how they pollinated and that it was important but I didn’t know just how important. I didn’t realize that bees could be entirely wiped out of an area because there always seems to be a lot here. Whole crops of plants that we’ve come to depend on gone because of the ignorance of people. It kinda gets to me because it could happen anywhere even in Canada. It would be easier to just change our way of thinking and fix this.

  4. tara says:

    Prior to watching these videos on bees I really didn’t know much at all about them. To be honest, I wasn’t really a fan of them.
    They sting, which we all know isn’t the funnest thing to go through especially when your allergic. They produce honey, and pollinate flowers but I never knew pollinating flowers had to do with the growth of fruit and the survival of flowers and plants. I now understand that bees are extremely important and are now estimated to be worth about 15 billion dollars in the US agricultral economy. Without bees many crops and flowers wouldn’t exist and animals like birds and insects that feed off pollin wouldn’t exist either. I believe that everyone should be aware of the importance of bees so we can all make changes on our daily lives. Viewing the video on the chinese workers and what they have to go through every year just to harvest the fruit we take for granted here, could be very beneficial for everyone and make us really think about what we would do without bees. A hive of bees can pollinate up to 3 million trees in a single day, and a human can only pollinate up to 30 trees. So, I don’t think it’s practical at all for chinese workers to self-pollinate flowers and crops which origionally was done by nature. I think self-pollinating flowers and crops would result in a tremendous loss in food and the taste wouldn’t be nearly the same as it would when it was pollinated by a bee or other insect. I don’t think or want to believe that this method should ever have to be used in any other countries, that any other country would have wiped out the entire bee population that they would have to do the pollination proccess by hand. When you think about it,
    what could we do without 1/3 of the food crops that bees pollinate for us right now? After seeing this video I think everyone
    should be encouraged to think about the importance bees have on many of the foods we eat and to do what they can to make some kind of change to save the bees.

  5. Jared says:

    I did not know anything about bees until watching these videos. I didn’t understand how important bees are to our agriculture. And bees pollinate 1/3 of the crop species. I am very fascinated about the bees that left the pear harvesting city because of heavy uses of pesticides, and now the farmers have to hand-pollinate the flowers. It costs a very large amount of money to hand-pollinate the pear harvesting city bu it will cost 90 billion dollars to hand-pollinate the United States. I hope people watch these videos so they can see that elimanating bees is possible, and could be very bad for our future.

  6. Emily says:

    I really didn’t know much about bees before i read the article and watched the clips. I guess i always took them forgrated and never really liked them all that much. I always thought that they were just pests and would kill them anytime i say them. Now i know that bees are essential to the human race and to the environment. I now know that honeybees pollinate over 100 crops which we eat every single day and that those crops need the honeybees to survive. I also have learned that it is very expenssive to hand pollinate, it is hard labour as well, and humans can only pollinate around 30 trees a day which is alot less than the honeybees. Now anytime i see a bee i will not kill it or think its usless in this world, but thank it for everything that it does for the himan race!

  7. Russ says:

    Before watching these videos and reading the article, I didnt realy know that much about bees, besides the difference between honey bees, wasps, and carpenter bees were, and that it hurt when they sting you.These videos told me things about bees and pollination that I never knew, like how important bees are to our agriculture, and that bees pollinate 1/3 of our crop.Its interesting to know that due to the use of pesticides the total bee population could be wiped out, leaving us to have no pollinated plants, there possibly wipping out our crop. Knowing now that bees are worth around $50 million in our agricultural economy and what all they do for us, I’d hope that more people have the chance to see these videos and understand just what they do, and we can start to make a change before we possibly loose food supplies 2.

  8. Katie says:

    Before watching these videos, I knew the basics about bees. They make hunny and sting people. I did, for the most part understood why they’re needed. I now know that without bees, our environment and economy wouldn’t surive. Without bees, we would be missing out on 1/3 of our crops. People don’t relieze the important of bees, they buy chemicals to kill them, but are they really that big of a bother? People need to be more educated about bees, no one really knows the risks of eliminating bees. This issue doesn’t even demand people to go out of their way to help, they just need to re-think.

    To Be honest, I don’t think its a practical option to have people pollinate plants themselves. It’s not natural. Farmers should not be doing something that should be automatic. The chance of bee’s being eliminated from our envirment is a possibilty. Without people re-thinking, and doing something to change this, our environment could become something completly different.

  9. Victoria says:

    Before watching these videos, and reading the article I did not know a whole lot about bees and pollination. My prior knowledge was based on movies, such as, “The Bee Movie” and what I have been told. I know that bees are the main pollinators and that they pollinate by going from flower to flower. I also know the impact pollinating has on nature is crutal. I know without bees and pollination a lot would die off in the environment. Although, I did not know that there is such a thing as hand-pollination and the cost that hand-pollination has on countries. Also that hand-pollination is so specific and as realistic to actual bee pollination. Also, I never realized that bees pollinate 1/3 of crop species. The videos made me think about the indirect effects bees and pollination have on the rest of the environment such as without bees and pollination, there would be no clovers for the cows to eat, changing their diet and possibly their products. The videos also taught me that bees pollinate a great amount in just one day. Bees pollinate up to 3 million trees per day while humans can only pollinate 30 trees per day, this is a great difference. I feel a lot more aware about this subject and think that if more people are also aware solutions to CCD and other problems occuring to bees and pollination could come closer to being fixed.

  10. Eddy says:

    I always knew that the bee’s played a very important role in our agriculture industry, but I never new that they were that important. The videos that I watched really opened my eyes to the fact that there needs to be something done and there can be something done. These videos have made me realize that CCD is a real problem and that bees can become extinct. The fact that if the bees were gone that the farmers would have to pollinate all the plants themelves isn’t right. Not only is it not ethically right to do something that is supposed to be done automatically done it’s not economically possible. It’s not possible to afford the cost to hand pollinate your farms. So we need the bees!!

    • Ms. F says:

      Just to play Devil’s Advocate… as a farmer would you give up your chemicals if it meant keeping the bees alive? Would you consider becoming a bee keeper (on the side)? Where would that line be for you…

  11. corrie says:

    its scary thinking about what our world would be like if we slowly killed off all the natural resources. small things like bees seem like a pest because they sting, but yet they are so important to natural life cycle that has been circling for thousands of years. most will look at big changes leading to big changes, but it is very much the other way the small little changes are the ones that will cause the most harm. if bees became extinct our lives as we know them would be drastically changed. the need for hand pollination might create thousands of jobs, but paying that many people around 10 an hour in a already weak economy will make the price of food skyrocket, the price of life. it could cause child labour to come back at us, children being forced to work because we can not afford to pay people 10 dollars an hour for pollinating flowers 12 hours a day. it is amazing how we take advantage of thing that we don’t even realize we need. its ironic that the people that need the bees and other pollinators the most are the ones that are cause in the most harm to them, farmers who use millions of dollars of pesticides on the crops are killing bees and they will be the ones who will have to walk around and hand pollinate flowers in the future. it is not economically feasible to hand pollinate, and we should not have to. smarten up and save the bees 🙂

  12. Joseph says:

    These videos and the article are quite eye opening. If the whole world watched these, it wiuld be a totally differnet place. Bees are what makes our lives simple. All we have to do is support the bee hives and let the bees polinate and create hunny. Every plant has flowers and they need to be pollinated to stay healthy. Without the polination, the plants won’t create their fruit for us to eat. CCD is a horrible disease and I have seen the effects of it first hand because my great uncle is a bee keeper. He had fifty hives of bees and now he has five. He said that he had never seen anything like it in his life. In china they show the orchard owners pollinating their pear treesby hand. If all the bees in the world go away there will need to be allot of hand pollinating being done. This will cause the prices of food to go up and people will be really mad because they just don’t understand that bees aren’t those mean things that sting you they are those insects that make life livable for us. Our world needs to stop using those pesticideds beacuse they are what is killing the bees. If we the humans on earth don’t smarten up and potect the bees, we will only see flowering fruit in greenhouses. The rest of the world will be brown and dead because we all know that the humans who know how to hand pollinate will be more concerned for produce to sell than our trees and other plants. Come on society smarten up and save the bees or else we will be the next species going extinct !

  13. Andrew says:

    Wow just to start off these videos and articles were very facinating and very informational. I hated bees and thought they were only good for making honey, and making people mad. Now i know that these little creatures are needed in our economy. These insects pollinate 1/3 of our crops. Without these bees we would lose mass production of fruits, vegetables and other crops that they pollinate. These bees contribute soo much to our economy and we kill them why? because they sting us and hurt us for maybe an hour? We need these bees, and CCD is a big problem which may result to extinction of the bees. We need to fix this problem because the sting of losing these bees hurts way more then the tiny sting a honey bee could give you. Maybe we all should thing twice before we stomp, hit, or crush these well needed creatures.

  14. Alex says:

    welll what is there to say, i knew that bees are important, but i never imaganed that they could impact the world so much, all i could think of when watching those videos, and reading the artical, was the Bee Movie, i dont know if you have ever seen it, but when i first watched it i was like no, the world could never look like that if there was no bees, but now i understand that yeah, the world could look like that, (and by that i mean like a desert with no life at all) maybe not as fast as it is on the movie, but yeah if we keep on doing what we are doing and what the ccd is doing then the world wont have any of the nateral beauty that you see when you walk out your frontdoor

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