Light and Geometric Optics

Welcome to the unit that the students at Cayuga Secondary School built with ‘virtually’ their own 2 hands!  The unit is student made, student driven and student taught…

For this unit we will be using Google Docs for research and collaboration to reach an end product that will aid the students to understand light and optics.

Google Docs Help

December 9th 2010

There are several things that need to be worked on.  All of you (minus the 2 or 3 that have done this already) need to make an account on ‘Science Hood’.  You will use only your first name to keep yourself safe.  The email notification may take several minutes (maybe even 10!!).  You will find in the Avatar-Me post a site (cooltollsforschools) that will have a huge list of avatar generators.  You must create one and post it in the ‘Hood’.

Now take the time to join your group (the discussion group).  In the discussion group, there will be over time several forums added for you to add your thoughts and questions to.  The forum should be started by the ‘Teachers of the Day’.  They will start a forum topic for you to discuss their lesson, skills developed, and answer your questions.  So if there is no forum started for the lessons we have had you need to write your reflections in a word document so that you can post it in the forum when it is started.  Your reflections on the lesson must be constructive and productive… simply saying ‘it was good’ or ‘it was terrible’ or ‘I hated the note’ will not do.  Your reflections ultimately continue your learning process and the leader’s learning and reflecting.

(and just so that you know these reflections are in my mind as important or more important than your lessons that you give!)

Things to think and reflect on… What part of the lesson allowed you to learn the most, why?  What part of the lesson would you change to learn better, why?  What are the questions about this topic that you still need clarification on?  What overall learning did you get from this lesson?  Did you feel/do you feel supported in your learning on this topic – are you supporting the leaders or being a ‘distractive force’ in the lesson?  How could you change this for the future?

These set of reflective questions must be done for every lesson given..

Lessons so far…

– Periscopes

– Human Eyes

– Projectors

** Please for the groups giving their lessons in the next week – get organized, get the work load distributed, have a timeline written out to follow.  Also think about the comments I made to you at our meeting… did I ask for specific things to be added?  I have not really seen any group add the items that I discussed with them into the lesson.  Is there math, diagrams, etc that need to be seen by the class to give them the best understanding of the topic…

Come Join me in the ‘Hood’!!!

All groups need to post all notes, research, questions etc. for the class in ‘’.  These will give the other students access to your work to reflect an review.  Please go to livebinders and login – Ms Faulkner and password – sciencerocks!   I know it is cliche but ‘oh well!’.

LiveBinders Beta

Please place your information in your own tab… I have created the first few only to demonstrate it…

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