Chemistry Links

Suggested List from Trent University Chemistry Department

Makers of the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

Links for Chemists
by the Department of Chemistry, University of Liverpool

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

Science Explorer:
A fantastic resource for scientists of all ages, The Sciences Explorer presents high-quality interactive material on the topics of biology, physics, chemistry, and math. Activities such as 3-D tours, crossword puzzles, conversion tables, and calculator programs are fun and smart! Ask your science questions on the message board, or directly to an online team of teachers who are willing to help. This site is in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish

Physical Constants:
A GREAT site for converting units and really user friendly and easy to use.

NIST WebBook:
A great site for finding formulae, spectra, physical and chemical properties of many compounds.

Here you can find the physical and chemical properties of all the elements plus a very nice periodic table.

Sheffield ChemDex
by Mark Winter, Sheffield University, England

WWW Chemistry Resources:
by Max Kopelevich, UCLA

A good site with lots of relevant info to help you find those tough answers.

A wonderful site that tells you everything you wanted to know about any compound, complex, molecule or element.

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