Biology Unit

**UNIT TEST – Friday Oct. 22st!!

Here is our work for the unit.  Remember that you will be working on each task at some point during our weekly rotation.  The centers are as follows;

  1. Computers
  2. mp3 player work
  3. SMART board work
  4. Lab work
  5. ‘Unplugged’ Activity

Missed Work? Older Rotation information is available for you!!

The Adolescent Brain

This link will provide you access to information and video clips on your brain and its development.  Feel free to ‘poke around’ and perhaps you will learn something that might benefit you and your school learning ability.

War on Vaccines…

Please watch the documentary below and ponder what would you do?  Would you chose to vaccinate your child or not?  Are the risks to your child too great, the risks to society greater?  Do you believe the doctors or the concerned parents?  Do murcury, formalin and other ‘stablizers’ belong in a medicinal item that I allow to be injected into my child…. all thoughts to consider.

Dissection of Frog

Frog dissection was completed over a two day period.  the lab procedure was provided to all groups.  TheDissection Field Guide (Scrap-Less Scrapbook) was to be completed for all systems (digestive, respiratory, circulatory, urogenital system and the nervous system).

Computer: Pollination and the Flower

– Do the gizmo called ‘Pollination – Flower to Fruit’.  Go to the Gizmo, click on ‘Enroll in Class’ and follow the prompts.  You must enter this class code (cut and paste it) DXRVR7NUJK. Once in the class you will open the gizmo and download this worksheet to direct your learning.  When it is complete, please email to me and then complete the quiz at the bottom of the gizmo.

– Watch the video clip – Frontline – Silence of the Bees – podcast

– Watch the video clip – Colony Collapse Disorder

  • Describe the cause and effect relationship of Colony Collapse Disorder and the food supply. Supply reasons for your ideas about the impact the disappearance of the bees could have.
  • Review the approach Chinese farmers use to pollinate the pear crops.  Is this a practical solution?  Why or why not? Should this method be used in other countries?  Why or why not? Offer solutions.

– Go to PBS Nature and read the article.  Personally reflect on what you used to know about pollination and bees and what you currently understand.  It must be a good paragraph to explain.

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